About Ela Klein

Welcome to my webpage!

This is very new to me as I have always lived in a “hands on world”. I make things, beautiful things and enjoy beautiful things too. I enjoy teaching people how to make beautiful things even more.

But times have changed, so I will be embracing the virtual life too, starting with my very own website. I have blogged for a while, and all going well I will manage to link my blog to my website. Watch this space.

There are so many crafts to do and learn, I just love them all. I’m always knitting something, love to sew and crochet and embroider and felt and………….. Oh yes and I love to eat, so I love to cook and bake too.

I teach ladies ( why don’t men join my classes?) how to craft. We meet once a week and we create: knitting, crochet, sewing quilting and more. I don’t dictate what needs to be done, but help to source ideas and materials and guide through the process.

The happiest times are when my  students complete a project or master a new skill.


I also teach at a local school where I do similar projects with lovely students, trying to teach a few life skills along the way.


I would also like to share my love of cooking and baking and all things “nice”, so please have a look at my blog for other interesting bits and pieces that you might enjoy learning about.


Thanks again for visiting


love Ela x




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