5 thoughts on “Home

    • Ela Klein says:

      Dear Roz
      thank you for getting in touch.
      I teach from my home in Sunninghill

      Wednesday 10:30am – 1pm and 7:30pm – 9:30pm
      Thursday 10an – 12:30pm and 7:30pm – 9:30pm

      At the moment I have 1 space in each class except Thursday morning.

      I don’t dictate what project you do, this it totally up to you. If you have project in mind I will help you do it. I have lots of inspiration, books etc to help you find your next project.

      I only teach in term time and our last class will be 21/22 July. We will start again in September.
      Why don’t you come for a taster session first to see if you like it before you commit? I charge £11 per session which includes tea and cake too 😉
      If you like the class you will need to commit for the term.

      Please feel free to give me a call (07963975737) if you would like to chat about it.

      Kind Regards

      Ela x


    • Ela Klein says:

      Dear Jo

      I just wated to make sure my email did not end up in your spam box.
      Unfortunaltely I don’t have any day spaces left, but you are very welcome to join on a Wednesday evening 9&:30 – 9:30pm)
      We start classes next week. Please do give me a call on 07963975737 if you would like to chat.
      Kind regards
      Ela x


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